Resource Documents

BCAG submission to Department of Mineral Resources, November 2002 – pdf

Gilbert Sutherland – pdf

In February 2007, BCAG, like others in the district, are waiting for Bickham Coal Company to release their Water Resource Assessment (WRA). The determination of the NSW Scientific Committee (below) documents a shameful story about the impact of longwall mining on water courses in NSW. The Gilbert & Sutherland document outlines some of the concerns BCAG members have with the proposal to mine so close to the Pages River, a Major Tributary of the Hunter River.

Map of proposed Bickham Coal Mine location 2006 – pdf

Glengarry report – Webb McKeown – pdf

Evaluation of water quality and quantity impacts of proposed removal of bulk coal sample at ‘Bickham’, Murrurundi

Murrurundi Shire Council submission to Department of Mineral Resources November 2002 – pdf

Minerals 1946 annual report extract – pdf

Bickham Coal Documents

Scope of Bickham Coal’s Water Report – pdf

Proposed Removal of Bulk Sample – pdf

Flooding and Surface Water Assessment for the Proposed Bulk Sample Development Application – pdf

Proposed Bickham South Bulk Sample Groundwater Management – pdf

Water Chemistry Analysis Bulk Sample Overburden – pdf