History of Bickham Coal Mine


Crater next to Pages River.


Hundreds of protestors – many on horseback – joined forces to parade through Scone, the Horse capital of Australia, on November 28 objecting to the Bickham Coal Mine. (see photos below)


On October 21, the NSW Department of Planning (DoP) released the coal company’s long awaited Water Resource Assessment and Draft Water Management Plan and these are on exhibition until December 4.

Following a campaign by BCAG and the local community the department undertook a study of the impacts of coal-mining on non coal-mining areas.  As a result of this study the coal company was asked to produce the water reports due to serious concerns about the impacts of the proposed mine–particularly on the local river system.  Click here to access reports.

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2001 Under Consideration…

This coal-mine has been under consideration since 2001. First Bickham Coal Company asked permission to take out a bulk sample. This permission was granted and the sample extracted. Many residents in our area believe – to extract coal at the very head of the Hunter Valley Catchment – is a bad idea.