Bickham Coal Mine

In 2001 Bickham Coal Mine first announced their intention to mine for black coal at the head of the Pages River near Blandford. This is the Northern end of the Hunter Valley Catchment.

After a ten year campaign the NSW State Government announced in May 2010, they could NOT proceed with their plans to operate an open cut coal mine. However, the decision only referred to an open cut mine. NOT an underground mine.

In February 2012, Bickham Coal Company announced plans to investigate underground mining.

Action group opposes Bickham on same grounds.

Scone Advocate Ist March 2012 Article
By Caitlin Andrews

THE message is clear – we don’t want mining on the surface or under ground and will do whatever it takes to shut this down. This is the view of the Bickham Coal Mine Action Group and it believes this drive and stamina will lead it to victory. The group’s chairman Peter Haydon spoke at the Upper Hunter Shire Council’s ordinary meeting on Monday night urging the council to join them in lobbying the NSW Government to rule out underground mining at Bickham immediately.

With the Bickham Coal Company’s current exploration licence due to expire on May 27, the action group is demanding it not be renewed and that the NSW Government totally re-zone the shire and ring-fence it as a mine free zone.

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